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Geology & Geochemistry of Combustible Minerals No. 3 (180) 2019, 60-75.


Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Combustible Minerals of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lviv,


For the predictive appraisal of the perspective exploratory territories as well as prediction of separate producing horizons of prospecting and exploration areas for oil and gas it is necessary to establish the regularities of distribution of already explored deposits of hydrocarbons with structural-tectonic construction, lithological-stratigraphic features, hydrogeological and geothermobaric conditions of oil- and gas-bearing region taken into account.
Interconnection between geothermobaric parameters and the phase state of hydrocarbons in the vertical section should be an important factor for the solution of the posed task.
Within the limits of the Eastern oil- and gas-bearing area of Ukraine, the spatial zoning is established in the location of gas, oil and gas-condensate deposits. As a whole, the distribution of temperatures and pressures at different depths, average geothermal gradients, gradients of the lithological-stratigraphical horizons of the same name (sustained both as to the area and thickness) are closely connected with the deep geological structure of the studied region (area) and confirm the existing notions of the role of tectonic, lithological-stratigraphic and hydrogeological factors in the formation of the thermal regime of sedimentary basins.
Vertical zoning of the distribution of hydrocarbon deposits of oil- and gas-bearing horizons was developed according to geothermobaric parameters of the north-western part of the Dnieper-Donets Depression and 8 areas from 15 ones of the Eastern oil- and gas-bearing region, namely: Monastyryshche-Sofiivka and Talalaivka-Rybalske oil- and gas-bearing areas, Glynsk-Solokha gas- and oil-bearing area, Ryabukhyne-Northern Golubivka and Mashivka-Shebelynka gas-bearing areas, Rudenky-Proletarske oil- and gas-bearing region, Krasna Rika gas-bearing area and also oil- and gas-bearing area of the Northern edge.
Revealed regularities of the distribution of formation temperatures, pressures, geothermal and thermobaric coefficients with peculiarities of the tectonic structure of the Dnieper-Donets graben taken into account will make it possible to solve theoretical problems connected with hydrocarbon migration, the formation and preservation of deposits in more well-founded way that will make it possible to conduct prospecting for new fields at great depths within the studied territory more effectively,


thermobaric parameters, initial formation temperatures, initial formation pressures, thermobaric coefficient, hydrostatic pressure, hydrostatics coefficient, producing horizon, oil- and gas-bearing complex, phase state of hydrocarbons, exploratory-prospecting works, oil, gas and gas-condensate deposits.


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